Malvega – ready for the future. Paula Humberg is a designer in training

At Malvega, nurturing excellent new talent is very important. On 1 August, we were delighted to welcome Paula Humberg, an apprentice designer, to our team. Our promise to her is that during her three-year apprenticeship, she will acquire all the skills and expertise – both in theory and practice – that a top artist needs. Her training as a media designer (both digital and print) is a dual course, which alternates between theory and practice. Her time will be divided between a vocational school and the company’s premises. Media designers use different media to create both printed and digital information resources. Apprentices have the option [mehr]

Malvega gets that summery feeling – as a team, in the garden, and on the plate

It’s late summer in the Malvega garden, and the wonderful Mirabelle plums have ripened beautifully. They truly are a feast for the eyes. Do they remind anyone else of Grandma’s best cakes? Mmmmh! Thinking of the taste, and breathing in the lovely smell, a group of colleagues decides to do something a little different during their lunch break. Just like we creatively package products, the group wants to pack freshly-picked fruit into a truly scrumptious tarte tatin. Our colleague and passionate amateur chef Werner quickly suggests a recipe from his repertoire. As a team, we conjure up a magnificent cake in an instant. Fantastic – [mehr]

Verpackungsdesign Malvega - Referenz: WertBar von DeVauGe

BACK TO NATURE – Packaging designs for Aldi Süd and Aldi UK

A fruit and nut bar with high-quality, purely vegetable ingredients, without added sugar, which tastes really delicious and is still healthy? Is that possible? Yes, at Aldi! Such a tasty bar, which contains healthy and top-quality ingredients, has just hit the shelves. In Aldi Süd stores, it is called a WERT BAR, while it is known as a NATURAL BAR in the UK. Malvega designed and made the packaging, and was asked to make the whole product look tasty and healthy. Fresh colours, combined with muted shades and a natural, illustrated look, convey the healthy nature of the product and the value of the ingredients, [mehr]

We’ve done it again! Malvega redesigns the packaging for Schulte Feingebäck

For the whole Malvega team, it is a great honour to be asked to take traditional companies and big-name brands in new directions. Despite tradition, we like to breathe new life, energy and modernity into the design of a brand. That is just what we have done for Schulte Feingebäck – new imagery, a new design, and a more contemporary, fresh, appealing and modern look! A special instinct is required when reorientating a packaging design so that it promotes a certain lifestyle to the customer. That is what made this a particularly exciting and outstanding task for everyone involved in the conception, design, photography, illustration [mehr]

Verpackungsdesign Malvega - Referenz: Fixum

That’s what makes Fixum and Malvega so attractive

Everyone knows that high-quality product packaging should remain undamaged when opened, and be able to be securely closed again and again. For premium packaging containing cosmetics, for example, or gift boxes and high-quality presentation folders, gluing or adhesion is not always ideal for the intended area of application. We have just the solution for that! Fixum and Malvega have joined forces to produce an innovative and attractive closure solution with small magnetic catches, which always ensure safe opening and closing As a result, opening the packaging becomes an experience. As you know, this enhances brand perception and identity. That is why Fixum has manual and [mehr]

The sweet life: Malvega at ISM 2019

After four successful days, the world trade fair dedicated to sweets and snacks came to an end on 30.01.2019. Every year, the unique combination of impulses, innovations and top-class exhibitors inspires visitors from all over the world. This industry event also features the world’s largest range of sweet and snack brands. Can you guess who simply could not miss it? That’s right! MALVEGA – the packaging design agency. We naturally represent several of our customers, such as Rübezahl, K-fee, Krüger, Kalfany, Conrad Schulte, Ludwig Schokolade, Hans Freitag and Kuchenmeister, when they exhibit at the ISM trade fair. At Malvega, we are always proud that we [mehr]

Malvega launch

Mission accomplished. Wohooo! The new Malvega website is online. We are proud to present the agency, and all its skills and references. “The old website was a little outdated. We are always as keen as mustard to help with customers’ projects,” says Ms Breuer. We are all the more pleased that our online presence now represents what we promise to our customers in terms of quality and professionalism. Thank you to our team and the Online agency </Arthur for their great work and the enjoyable cooperation. The Malvega website will be further developed in the next few weeks. Take a look at the current content: Malvega news [mehr]

The HOMANN’s World Cup

It’s here! Malvega is involved in HOMANN’s World Cup promotion. The products can be found in stores right now. Add some match day nibbles to your shopping basket. Kick your watch party off in style, and bon appétit!

PLMA trade fair, Amsterdam

On 21 – 22 May, various exhibitors will display their latest products and ideas at the PLMA trade fair. The PLMA (“World of the Private Label Amsterdam”) trade fair is an international fair for trading brands. Around 14,000 visitors are expected to attend. Naturally, Malvega will also be there. Malvega packaging designs will be on display, and we also helped to design and build some of the trade fair stands. This trade fair allows sole traders, wholesalers and manufacturers to be inspired by new ideas, and to make new contacts. Let’s go!