We’ve done it again! Malvega redesigns the packaging for Schulte Feingebäck

For the whole Malvega team, it is a great honour to be asked to take traditional companies and big-name brands in new directions. Despite tradition, we like to breathe new life, energy and modernity into the design of a brand. That is just what we have done for Schulte Feingebäck – new imagery, a new design, and a more contemporary, fresh, appealing and modern look! A special instinct is required when reorientating a packaging design so that it promotes a certain lifestyle to the customer. That is what made this a particularly exciting and outstanding task for everyone involved in the conception, design, photography, illustration and production implementation stages. As you would expect, Malvega successfully mastered this challenge.

The new packaging designs were very well received at the ISM trade fair in January. The first new-look packs of Schulte Feingebäck goodies are on shelves and in shopping bags right now. Grab a pack today!

Committed to the handcrafting tradition: Schulte Feingebäck, a confectionery company based in Rietberg-Mastholte, has produced high-quality, traditional pastries for over 130 years. Ready for the future!