Packaging designers with a passion!

We see ourselves as creative craftsmen, not complicated artists. We understand the demands of the market and those involved in it.


More than colorful pictures
Eye to eye with the product
Everything fits together
Nothing off the peg


Anything is possible!

Our team is made up of graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and salespeople. With almost 30 years of packaging design experience, we know how and why customers decide to buy your product, as opposed to the one next to it. Our packaging designs are visually sophisticated, communicative, and your way of winning the hearts of customers.

Rely on professional support with short processes and good task networking within the agency. Swift and professional handling of all processes comes naturally to us. We really enjoy what we do. All of this forms the basis for working professionally and dealing with even the most outrageous tasks and timings. See it for yourself!

Malvega CEO

Frank and Bettina Breuer –
for around 30 years, they and the Malvega team have been synonymous with reliability and creative innovations



Talking alone doesn’t make the cookie crumble!

We would like to prove to you “live” that we are the right partner for you. Let us demonstrate our skills. You will not be disappointed. We know that we can impress you!