That’s what makes Fixum and Malvega so attractive

Everyone knows that high-quality product packaging should remain undamaged when opened, and be able to be securely closed again and again. For premium packaging containing cosmetics, for example, or gift boxes and high-quality presentation folders, gluing or adhesion is not always ideal for the intended area of application. We have just the solution for that!

Fixum and Malvega have joined forces to produce an innovative and attractive closure solution with small magnetic catches, which always ensure safe opening and closing As a result, opening the packaging becomes an experience. As you know, this enhances brand perception and identity.
That is why Fixum has manual and automated production lines which are able to make 10 – 50 million items. Malvega ensures that everything looks perfect and smart.

Fixum and Malvega package everything, and you can open the packaging.

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