BACK TO NATURE – Packaging designs for Aldi Süd and Aldi UK

A fruit and nut bar with high-quality, purely vegetable ingredients, without added sugar, which tastes really delicious and is still healthy? Is that possible? Yes, at Aldi! Such a tasty bar, which contains healthy and top-quality ingredients, has just hit the shelves. In Aldi Süd stores, it is called a WERT BAR, while it is known as a NATURAL BAR in the UK. Malvega designed and made the packaging, and was asked to make the whole product look tasty and healthy. Fresh colours, combined with muted shades and a natural, illustrated look, convey the healthy nature of the product and the value of the ingredients, some of which are also fair trade. Take a bite without feeling guilty. It’s tasty, and customers love it.

WERT BAR und NATURAL BAR von Aldi Süd und Aldi UK